Why Thom Yorke is awesome

Really? A review?

I’m not good at making reviews or talking about a great artist like a music critic or a passionate music listener. I’m not even the kind that makes a commendation like a fan would do. But among many, Thom Yorke comes to mind. There are so many great artists out there, famous or not, that refute the idea that mainstream music has necessarily become just for those who want to move their heads with 4-beat-kick as if there were no tomorrow. Thom, with his solo music projects, with Radiohead, with Atoms For Peace, has shown to listeners and musicians all over the world that not only is there much more to be said, but that you can subvert the musical grammar preserving quality and aesthetics. No matter how much acoustic versus electronic instruments are used, it is no longer even a question of musical genre.

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Be free

Here, this is the point. As a musician, I should pay the tribute to this as to all those other artists who have cleared the sounds that any major record company would have labelled as “non-salable” or “niche”. Personally, he and those others have taught me to be free to express my music as I want, without feeling oppressed by the stakes that a certain type of public or certain professional environments constantly want to impose. Think about how poor our artistic heritage would be (literature, painting, sculpture) if a group of artists did not come out of the scheme by inventing new things, doing their own research of other forms of communication. This is the best promise that an artist can make to himself and to the world: do not stop inventing, looking, getting out of the box.

So, is it a promise?

Thom does not always try to satisfy his public or to want to please. I am sure that what comes to our ears is an immense selection of drafts, proofs, rejects, small and great conquests. So, be grateful to his work and enjoy.
It is obviously very difficult for a musician and singer-songwriter not to give in to the flattery of conquering audiences by realizing things that they can enjoy instantly, writing well-worn things that someone has already done before you so they can surely give the most consensus. I promise I won’t. I’ll keep looking for my way (take a look of my music here) and for different ways to tell a story with the music. Stay with me during this path: subscribe my mailing list because every time I make something new you’ll be the first to know it, so you can give me some feedback helping me to grow my music. I will send you my music for free and other stuff I don’t post nowhere. See you there!

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