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When I’m working on a new song

I’m working on a new song and every time I realize I can’t think of anything else. This strongly conditions my actions and my choices in “real life” and can sometimes be a problem. It will also happen to you that during a creative process you can never really get away, either for lunch or dinner. It becomes physically impossible. I wondered why, but the answer is rather trivial.

New song in the air: the process is began

When I’m working on a new song, I can almost hear the sound of the creativity switch turning on. The brain begins to think, at first with difficulty, but if I already had an idea on which to reason, then the thoughts go faster and faster, in a sort of spiral in which I select and discard creative solutions. I think it’s a very expensive process, but also extremely rewarding. That’s why you can’t stop until the song is over.

New song - acoustic guitar
I can’t stop until the song is over

Good song, much time

Outside this psychological circuit, life goes on. Also because, if pinning an idea can be a very fast operation, writing a song well, with passion and craft, also takes several days. Ok, once it took me a little too much (you can read here a song that took 7 years to be born), but in principle, it takes several days to ponder everything. This is because sometimes ideas seem to work at the moment and the enthusiasm can play tricks on the short run. You always need a few more days to resize what has been done and start to see it again with different and more functional perspectives.

The life must go on

In any case, as I said, life goes on. Also, we have to eat, sleep, talk with people and dedicate ourselves to those who love us. Yet, during the time I’m writing a new song, I get a little selfish. It annoys me to have to be turned away from my thoughts for anything. I drive the car, I do the shopping, I do everything that needs to be done, but with a certain annoyance and continuing to concentrate constantly, in the background, on my song. A passage of the text, a specific word, an additional verse… And then it happens that the song seems to be over.

Travelling and… keeping think to the new song

New song? Back in the studio

Should everything get back to normal? Of course not! Because I enter my recording studio and continue the creative process. Making a good song is a very complex job. The arrangement is fundamental and is itself a true composition. In addition to the musical parts, you need to reflect on the sounds of the drums, the bass, the guitars, the synths. All you need to accompany the emotional message of the song from my head to the ears of the listener. And then the voice must be recorded and a world opens up, here. Of this maybe I’ll talk about it another time.

In any case, during the period in which I am in the recording studio, more than ever I hate breaks and interruptions. But there are, of course. But if before I could tolerate contact with people at least a little bit, now it becomes very difficult and I don’t want to go out or talk to anyone. Whenever I have a break due to everyday life, all I want is to get back to the studio as soon as possible. In short, state-of-the-art egoism. A little ashamed of me, but I can’t help it. Of all the things I could change, maybe I would leave this thing intact. Without being so, I might not be able to make the new songs as I would like. It takes dedication, time and much affection from your loved ones and your friends.

New song - the vocals

Mixing the song

When the recording is over, another phase begins: the mixing. This process, although it may seem more technical – and certainly it is – actually focuses on what the song wants to convey. And therefore all the technical choices are also influenced by the words that the lyrics is saying. Fortunately, if I worked well during the recording, this moment should only last one day.

Back in the studio: all the world remains out

Having a relationship with a musician

In short, as anyone who does not make music their own life can understand, I think it is very difficult to share everyday life with a musician. Having a relationship with those who create, requires a lot of patience and a lot of affection. It is hoped, at least, that during the less creative moments I’ll be able to justify all the periods when I am an egoist. But this, of course, I can’t say it by myself.

Spending time with our important people is vital

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