5 PROS & CONS of having a defined genre

Create something unique

Art is creativity. And creativity comes from more or less original ideas, which are also the result of the influence of our favorite artistic works and of our life experiences. This is why, starting from a common matrix, we can create something unique, personal, sometimes unrepeatable. So, what about the 5 PROS & CONS of having a defined genre?

The urgency of ordering everything in categories

For how much effort the artist can make, the audience will always try to pigeon-hole the artistic work into a category, into a genre. My music is no exception. There is nothing wrong with this: it is useful to understand more or less in what direction our song goes, what kind of instruments we used, what kind of harmonic progressions make the song develop.

Compared to the origins of the discography, musical genres have multiplied; as a result, that’s why the “sub-genres” were born, to help people understand what was produced in music. Think about how many sub-genres exist for EDM (house, techno, trance, drum and bass, dubstep, etc…), even these with additional sub-genres. The same goes for rock music (alternative, math-rock, art rock, progressive rock …) or pop (synth pop, dream pop …). In short, we could go on forever. But what does it mean for the artist? We see 5 pros and 5 cons of belonging to a defined musical genre.

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The defined genre: pros and cons


  1. It is easy to make the listeners immediately understand what kind of music you produce, even with few words
  2. You can find that it’s more immediate to find meeting places where there are people with the same passion
  3. It is faster to identify the target of your potential listeners
  4. Could be more intuitive to choose which label to send your work to be included in their catalogs
  5. The genre offers styles and schemes already “pre-packaged” within which to develop their creativity


  1. You have not created anything new, innovative, revolutionary
  2. It is difficult to impose your personality by staying within a pattern that someone has already created before you
  3. Your creativity is forced to limit itself in the context of the genre to which it refers
  4. You must put yourself in a context that is probably already crowded and it is difficult to emerge from the crowd
  5. It may be less satisfying, especially in the long run, to stay within gender rules that are more or less fixed

In conclusion

These are my personal 5 pro and 5 cons of belonging to a defined genre. They could be even more, but I do not want to go further. The point is that we need to carefully evaluate this aspect in order to be able to develop our creativity serenely. Being an artist always involves choosing where to go. Now make your choice.

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