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Work out for musicians?

There are many ways to turn your life into something bad. Today I would like to talk about the sedentary life. So, do we need a work out for musicians? Just like those who work in the office, even those who spend hours in a recording studio may find that their bodies are affected. Training for musicians, therefore, is important and not just for our health. But also – and perhaps above all – for the mind.

“Mens sana in corpore sano” (from the Latin: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”)

Juvenal (Satires, X, 356)
Work out for musicians
A healthy mind in a healthy body

The concept seems to be elusive, yet doing sport and work out puts the mind in a state of well-being. So, you can be more reactive, proactive and – this is fundamental for us musicians – more creative. The creative state is a very complex phenomenon and depends on many factors, one of which is mental health. Many could argue that some songs were composed by artists prey to psychotic delirium. But let’s be serious: open minds in their most lucid form have created the most beautiful things in the world.

Work out for musicians: cervical and joints

A work out has to integrate the activity of musician. Think about the habit of assuming incorrect postures, mainly dictated by the musical instrument (piano, guitar, electric bass …). Even staying in front of an analog console or in front of the computer can be harmful to our body. Here we find ourselves suffering from pains in the joints and the neck. The latter can be really debilitating and in its most acute phases we can say goodbye to our creativity, our lucidity and our desire to work.

Music and muscle mass

The constant motor inactivity and the advancing age leads inexorably to the loss of muscle mass. While for many it is not a problem to take care of the physical aspect, this process also brings a lowering of the basal metabolism. Basal metabolism is the energy that our body consumes at rest, precisely because it depends strictly on the muscle mass. Muscles must therefore be taken seriously. Just like our brains, musculature is part of our heritage and should be kept as much as possible throughout our life. So not only running: above all, exercises with weights or free body aimed at rebuilding or preserving our structure and physical shape.

If you agree, share with me the exercises you do to keep you fit. What makes you feel good? Now, it’s time to make music. Listen to my song “Flashback”, it has a interesting story.

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