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What happened in 2020 – News and aims

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On my birthday eve, I want to tell what happened in 2020: a controversial year, but also incredible in its own way. Surely a year that has Covid-19 as its protagonist, the pandemic virus that has affected our lives in a radical way. But I am a musician and what I have to tell has to do with those strange sounds that put together make up my songs.

The reset and comeback on Spotify

Due to an update of my digital music distributor, Spotify has reset the number of plays of all my songs. I started from scratch! I don’t really care much, I’m not fond of numbers and I’m not an accountant. In any case, my Flashback song reached over 7,000 streams on Spotify in just a few days. It is a great satisfaction, also because there is a lot of work behind this song (read the story of how it was born here). Seeing that people understand and appreciate is the greatest reward for an artist. It’s like a big round of applause after a concert. And so I bow, thank you all.

Add Flashback in your Spotify libraries. A heart then never hurts. Here’s how to find it:

On the radio in New York with Queen!

In October, Radio New York Live included my song “Flashback” in its programming for a week. It was incredible, also because there were never less than 25,000 people listening to each passage. But the best thing for me was this: in one of these passages my song was broadcast right after “We Are The Champions” by Queen. The Queen! Breathless. The Queen … It may be silly, but I have kept a screen-shot.

Queen and Mauro Lamanna - cos'è successo nel 2020

Reviews and articles – what happened in 2020

In November “Flashback” attracted further attention, to the point that some bloggers wrote some great reviews! One of these has bounced across multiple specialist music magazines. Here are the links:

Here are screenshots of the titles of the articles on their respective sites:

Flashback review - what happened in 2020
JamSphere magazine
Flashback Review 2 - what happened in 2020
ReviewIndie magazine
Flashback Review 3 - what happened in 2020
SoundLooks magazine

YouTube Official Channel – what happened in 2020

As most of you probably know, YouTube gives channels that are recognized as “official” a symbol representing a small musical note, right next to the artist’s name. This year also this small milestone has been reached and now my channel and the thematic one concerning my music have a unique link, which is this. Sign up, also because it is the right time to publish new content and give life to my creativity. Because? I’ll answer you in the next paragraph.

what happened in 2020
My official YouTube channel

Lipstick Studio and fast connection

Lipstick Studio is the recording studio where I make my songs (and also productions for other artists). I have always wanted to use this small (but super-equipped) professional resource of mine also to perform live concerts and performances. Unfortunately, for some strange reason, the connection in the area has always been limited to 6 Mb / sec (yet I am in Rome, the capital of Italy!). Too little to do everything I have in mind. Finally, it appears that a major update has been made and the fiber is now available. Another month or so and then I’ll have the green light. I have already planned direct on Facebook, Instragram and YouTube and Telegram. In short, I’ll be back “live”. So, subscribe my channel and social now.

New songs in production

Another important news is that I am once again focused on the creative process. In fact, I am writing the new songs that will see the light in 2021. I am also thinking of singing them live in acoustic preview, even before making them in the studio. For now it’s just a hypothesis, but it’s something I’d like to do.

In greeting you, I invite you to subscribe to my mailing list here: I will update you on everything and every now and then, I add exclusive content.