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That’s why I’m not doing gigs

I played in beautiful places and uglier places. I often enjoyed myself. Other times, I confess, it was tiring. I believe that every musician should not deny himself the possibility of playing live and doing his gigs, because it is a fundamental experience for artistic growth. Not only. I noticed that the more I played live, the more I had stimuli to write new songs and experiment them immediately in front of the audience. The excitement of creating a song and giving it to the public directly is crazy.

doing gigs
A guitar, a stage and… hair!

No more gigs

As some may know, I do not devote myself just to my music, but I am also a producer and make music for the customers of my Lipstick Studio. So, in these years I have been forced to decrease more and more my sorties on stage. Until no more gigs at all. This should make me sad, but in reality this break forced me to concentrate more on my recording studio work. I spent much more time researching the sounds and grammar of my compositions. It is no coincidence, in fact, that in these years my music has changed so much. It would be presumptuous to claim to be somehow “improved”, I would prefer to say “evolved”. But going beyond these concepts, the reality is that – be it beautiful or ugly – the music that previously represented me perhaps in an incomplete way, today belongs to me completely.

Other path, same result

In short, even if it’s great to share your music directly with the audience, play with other musicians, involve people to sing together, feel the warmth of those who have been following you for a long time, sometimes a stop is to be considered necessary. Even the most beautiful things, if continued over time, can become little more than routine. Better then stop for a moment and decide to change course. A different road, but that leads to the same goal. Make music and do it to the best of your ability.

Coming back on stage

I will certainly come back to play live and perform concerts. The desire to have direct contact with people is coming back stronger and stronger. But for now I have so many ideas that I’m making real. If you subscribe to my mailing list, I’ll be happy to send you new songs for free and listen to your opinion. Meanwhile, here is one of the tracks from my recent “studio period”. Here you can find others.