Music synchronization for video

Music synchronization for TV, films/movies, trailers, video games, documentaries and commercials.

Every song for music synchronization is available with different time cut. Contact me for licensing, questions or to order your custom music.

Industry standard high quality music

My music is made with the highest professional standards at the Lipstick Studio. To take a look at the equipment I usually use, go to this page. The masters are available in any format, sampling frequency and bit depth. The most popular are 48 KHz / 24 bit and 44.1 KHz / 16 bit.

Music synchronization for video
Music synchronization is an important part of a video scene. Better not to compromise.

Take care of the editors

An accurate production of music for video synchronization is an art that provides high quality standards, but also attention to the needs of the editors. This is why all my songs created for video synchronization have already ready alternative versions of the 60 seconds, 30 seconds and – in addition – already edited bumpers and stingers. Not enough? You can ask me for different time cut. I’ll do it for you without a scissor, but directly in the music project to have a more natural result.

Why you should choose my songs for music synchronization?

Writing songs that can adapt to every need is a challenge. If on the one hand a music for trailers of sure effect is very protagonist, it is also important to create soundtracks that fit against the background of a dialogue, without interfering with words or distracting. The task of these songs are purely those to guide the viewer towards the emotions that are being brought on video, even if this is a commercial spot.

If your goal is professional, contact me.

You can listen to some sound for music synchronization below, through my SoundCloud profile.