Music and lyrics: what first? The ultimate answer

Get the point

Many people ask me how to write a song. Where do I start? From music or lyrics? I would like to be able to respond in the most “artistic” way possible, so that this craft may appear as poetic as possible. In reality, as it should be, everyone adopts a real method. Before understanding where to start from practice, I would like to focus on one point: it’s unnecessary to compose “randomly”, rather it is better to always focus our message first, what we want to say, the emotions we want to transmit. Now, you always need to walk around on this concept, without giving it up.

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OK, so what? The ultimate answer?

That said, I usually start from the music. I try some special harmonic joints that can drive a melody that is not obvious.
I have to admit that, in order to get a particular mood in my head, I sing incomprehensible words along this melody, with all the advantage of staying focused on the music and the emotion it brings (keep an eye to my music). Only afterwards, when the music arrives as an arrow, is the time to make the lyrics above the melody, in the right metric, with the rhyme where it is needed and choosing words that have technically more accommodating sounds on the most important passages.

What else?

Here, this can be a method, my method, but it is not said that inspiration comes only like this. You can start ideas also by finding a rhythmic groove that turns in a certain way, or a bass guitar loop, a simple timbre construction or by sound designing. In short, everything can be a source of inspiration and ignite the spark that produces the fire of art. So yes, finding your own method is important. But it is even more important letting go your motivation that the world, society, people and perfumes can give you every day.


Everyone has his own way and vision and it doesn’t matter because the most important thing is always the result. I wish this post has clarify what you can find behind the initial artistic process. Keep being creative.

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