Lipstick Studio



The Lipstick Studio is in Rome, Italy. It provides great professional audio gears (preamps like Millennia HV-3C, BAE 1073 EQ, API 512c, TC Electronic Impact II; microphones like Ribera R47 tube mic, ADK TC tube mic modified by Silvano Ribera [Neumann U67-like], AKG C3000B, several Shure mics, Golden Age Project R1 Active MKIII ribbon mic; original Pultec EQP-1S, BAE 1073, API 5500 equalizers; IGS Audio Volfram Limiter and ONE LA 500 opto-tube compressor, Chandler Limited EMI TG1 Abbey Road Special Edition compressor/limiter; DBX 119 and DBX 560A compressors; Elysia Karakter 500 saturation/distortion module; Tc electronic and Ferrofish interface/converters; ICON Qcon Pro X, AKAI, Novation and Steinberg midi controllers; Cubase Pro 9 with a lot of plugins; monitor speakers like Yamaha HS80M, Auratone 5c, Alesis and Bantam amplifier; KRK, AKG and Presonus headphones; Yamaha acoustic guitar; Yamaha, Fender and Cort electric guitars; Cort bass guitar; huge collection of guitar/bass pedals like Electro Harmonix, TC Electronic, BlackStar, EBS, Boss, T-Amp, Zvex clone, MXR Dunlop; Peavey tube guitar amp; Tabacco cables with Neutrik connections; Hermann upright piano, Yamaha stage piano… and many other toys!) to realize your musical projects. Mauro offers you excellent experience to guide you from beginning to the end.


Respect for the art. Care of the sound, imagination, creativity.

Everything you have in mind can be a message, a projection, an element that links the concepts to be shared, to make it personal, alive.


If you are looking for commitment, experience, concreteness and quality, stop here.

You are at home.


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