I play all the musical instruments of the songs I produce. Yet I like to share spaces and ideas with other artists and musicians. In fact, at the beginning of my artistic career, I let others play the musical parts of the instruments that I didn’t know too well. Since I was born as a pianist, I usually worked on the piano, the synths and on everything that has black and white keys. This happened until 1999 and, although I knew how to use a guitar, I preferred to mix my ideas with those who had mastery on the six strings. This applied to all other instruments.

I play all the instruments
I like to play bass guitar and find its right space in the mix


Before 1999, the curiosity towards everything that could produce a sound had reached such a level as to force me to explore my possibilities. That’s how I started moving my hands from the piano to other things. Not only guitar! Also bass guitar, strings (on these, however, I had already worked since I was a child, at the time of my studies in classical music at the Conservatory), drums and percussions.

I play all the instruments

No need to wait for someone

Once I had a certain familiarity, I began to appreciate another aspect: I could record and fix my ideas at any time, without depending on anyone else’s time. In short, absolute freedom. This possibility had become a necessity and from the year 2000 onwards, I started recording everything myself. Meanwhile my training as a sound engineer, also producing other artists, has strongly contributed to what is now my musical reality: I not only play all the instruments of my songs, but I also do the mix and mastering. In over twenty years of music career, my “freedom” has now taken another step forward. In my recording studio, the Lipstick Studio, I go inside with the idea and go out with the song produced and finished.

I play all the instruments
Piano was my first love

“Telling” means “living”

Sharing is fundamental for a musician, so my article certainly doesn’t want to make you believe that doing everything yourself is the best way. It’s just my way. There are so many bands that owe their luck to the quality of their music. Mainly due to the mix of tastes and peculiarities of each musician. My advice, if I ever had to give one, is to keep in contact with people, not just musicians, and let yourself be carried away by experiences. Working completely on your own does not mean closing in on yourself, not at all. The need to live life and face people as we speak remains fundamental. Telling means living.

I play all the instruments
Percussions are awesome

One of these stories is “Flashback”, a song that has a rather long story and if you are interested you can read it here. Of course I played every instruments, so if you don’t like something, you have to pick on me! Seriously, I appreciate your feedback, so send me an email from here and subscribe to my mailing list to get my songs for free. That being said, here’s the “Flashback” video.

Telling means living. Here, I tried to tell you something.

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