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Gustav Alapranzj takes a walk

A short story of a walking guy

One morning, Gustav Alapranzj was walking to the sea to enjoy some salt air and the smell of a summer that was late in arriving. He had a thousand thoughts on his mind, some small, some other big. Too big to let them float indoors, in his home. Therefore better get to the more open place. There was enough space on the beach to get fly that kite in his head. Too many distractions, problems, worries, did not allow him to focus on his plans and when everything seemed to go wrong, he knew that a small walk would return him the lucidity necessary to start from scratch.

And so, as he walked, feeling the April sand still too cold under his bare feet, every dark thought seemed to slip on his legs with every step, falling perfectly on the newly formed footprint. And then you know it, what falls on the sand is really hard to find! Well done. Step by step, Gustav was finding the desire to start again with energy.

Who is that guy?

Gustav Alapranzj is just a name, but he doesn’t care. Because Gustav Alapranzj is like you and me. Gustav is a guy who falls, and it often happens, but he always gets up again. He is not one who gives up, rather he continues to fight and never lose heart. To get the point, our Mr. Alapranzj, when he wakes up in the morning, is not sure how the day will go, he can’t know it. What he does know well is his potential, his talents and his projects. No matter how to do everything correctly, the really important thing is not to lose sight of your goals and get back on the road as soon as an obstacle makes us skid. Here, Gustav knows it well, so he is not afraid of making mistakes, he is not in a hurry because he knows that he will reach the end. With a few scratches, perhaps, but happy.

Gustav Alapranzj is not a fictional character, but the person who lives inside each of us. He is not a superhero. Gustav has no age and wants to go out and shout his name loudly. And it’s your name. And mine.

Gustav Alapranzj is even a song. Wear your headphones and listen.

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