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Guitars: why I’m using what

Guitars are a fundamental part of my songs. It took me several years to choose the right sound so I changed a lot of electric guitars. This type of research takes time, because every guitar has its own timbre, its voice, something that makes it special and unique.

Of course, it is not possible to always use only one guitar, it all depends on the specific work it has to do during the recording of the song. That’s why the choice I had to make involved at least three guitars. Meanwhile, I begin by saying that all three, by pure chance, are not expensive guitars. I am willing to spend money on music, just think of my studio gears – without compromise – but the fact is that I was lucky enough to find what I was looking for without having to spend a fortune. Now I want to present these three electric guitars and tell you why I chose them and what their peculiarities are.

Fender Telecaster LiteAsh: the queen of guitars

guitar - Fender Telecaster LiteAsh
Fender Telecaster LiteAsh in my hand

This guitar comes from the most classic Telecaster which, together with the Stratocaster, is the most famous Fender guitar. My model, the LiteAsh, is made in Korea (excellent luthiers have been formed here for many years now) and mounts Seymour Duncan pickups. They are single-coil pickups and in fact the guitar is a bit noisy, but it’s normal for a Telecaster. The sound that distinguishes it is that “twang” and that brilliance that can be found especially in guitars of this kind, especially selecting the bridge pickup. In short, the classic Telecaster sound, where quality is not lacking in beauty: the maple eye and the vintage bridge are a feast for the eyes. .

If you want to hear the sound of the Fender Telecaster LiteAsh, click “play” on this video and listen to the intro of “Flashback” (you can read the story here). The sound of the arpeggio coming out of the neck pickup, in my opinion, is something magical.

Here, when I want a sound for the arpeggio, my first choice is definitely this guitar. I’m practically dependent on it and don’t deny that among the three this is my favourite.

Cort EVL K5: the black monster guitar

guitar - Cort EVL-K5
Playing with the Cort EVL-K5

A monster. I can’t consider this guitar any other way. Two active pickups, EMG 81 and EMG 85, which do nothing but make this guitar roar. If I need an aggressive sound with metal tendencies, the choice is obligatory. The manufacture is very good and even the mobile bridge does its job very well. I’m using it less and less, but when it’s the wall of sound I’m looking for, opening the case and connecting this little Korean jewel to the jack is the most natural thing to do.

The decorations on the handle are very beautiful and this is very smooth. The guitar is light and I can play very easily. So much sustain and so much wickedness. For some time I have been trying to avoid guitars with active pickups. I like the sound of passive guitar much more (mainly because it’s more dynamic), but this instrument remains a very useful tool. It’s hard for me to give it up!

ESP LTD EC-256: the talking mule

guitar - ESP LTD DC-256
ESP LTD EC-256 ready to play in my studio

This guitar is low cost, yet it is the one I undoubtedly promoted as a mule. It is a super versatile animal, capable of doing anything. Two passive humbacker pickups that can be transformed into single coils with a selector. The sound changes completely. It is not enough? In addition to deciding which configuration to use (only neck pickup or bridge pickup only), we can use both pickups which – incredible – have their own independent volume. The color palette is almost endless. So I can create particularly aggressive, thick and round guitars, up to more brilliant and subtle sounds. With all the nuances of the case.

Initially I thought I wanted to immediately change the pickups because the guitar is cheap, but after finding my sound, I realized that the value for money is remarkable. The stamp is in fact defined and I have a lot of dynamics available. At the moment I don’t feel any need to update this little gem. And a little heavy, but I don’t have to complain, otherwise why doing workout?

Guitars, eyes and life

Ok, you will have noticed from the photos. I have a weakness for black and these guitars also reflect my tastes. Like every instrument in my studio, the guitar is part of my creative process. That’s why I prefer to always have my gaze focused on something that stimulates me even at the level sensory. As I have already said, the eye also wants its part.

The search for these three beauties was not easy nor rapid. In any case, these three sisters are here to stay and to be part of my life for a long time, I’m willing to bet. And you? What’s the guitar in your hands?

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