Songwriting and weird things

These days, I was busy to write my new song. Weird, it was hard. Not because I could not find the right words or the fine chords, no sir. I think I was too involved, I’d say. Just to be clear: I’m always involved with my songs and their messages. But this time, something went over. It was like a great high wall in front of me and a weight upon my stomach that push so strong. So, finally I understood. I touched some uncovered nerve, hidden inside of me for a long time. A deep fear. So, spiting it out can be an edge. Or a complete disaster. By now I’m in game and I want to stay in. I keep walking this path. Maybe it will be a fight, but the music has to give us a different perception of the reality and claims its own sacrifice for having that vision. I go on, anyway.
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