Hey inhuman, music is not for you!


The art, every form of the art, wants to send emotions. I try to do the same every morning I wake up, I don’t know if it’s works or not, doesn’t matter, anyway. What is really matter is this age of our life, where we are surrounded by all that inhuman behaviour . All days we have (yes, I said WE have) many bodies lost in the sea, bodies of people who was looking for a life. Oh, pay attention to this, not “a better life” but simply “a life” (everyone has all the right to want a better life, of course!). Now, that’s not a politic business, it’s a humanity affair.

So, if you are such a person who thinks that it’s fine, or you are a supporter of this massacre, or maybe you like those walls with the purpose of dividing people, you are inhuman. Really. So, what do you think the art could do for you? Nothing, dude.
I make music for the humanity, for all people who breathe the same spirit of freedom and brotherhood. In a one word: for who can transpose emotions.
If you are among this people, I want to give you something, a gift. Subscribe my mailing list and I will send you free stuff of mine (songs, pictures, videos) I don’t post in any place on the Internet, only for my friends. Be my friend, be human and see you there!

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