Be nice, be ready, keep moving

The world never stops to change itself. I know it’s a banality, but world changes to keep living and surviving. We are the same, life is change but most of all it’s movement. Try to think about music, at you preferred song, and you will figure out how it changes to send you its emotional message. Maybe it’s a ballad or a fast dance music, anyway you get the point: you must be as you music is. Bring your dreams at the next level, sing loud, be happy and nice with people, do questions and give answers. Your life is your most important music, so keep playing it and stop looking for something that others want for yourself.
If you are a musician, an artist, a manager or maybe just a dreamer, none can know better than you what’s your path. So here we are: if it is a path, you do have to walk. So have fun, be nice, be ready to take the opportunities and don’t stop moving.
When I feel down, I realize that I’m out of my path. So, I instantly grab my guitar or sit in front of the piano and begin “my thing”. I play some notes, write some words. That’s my way to find my path again.
The rest of the story is always about music. Uh? Did I already say the life is like the music? Yes? Good. Wherever you are, keep your music loud.
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