Best moment to write a song

What a beautiful day!

Writing a song is generally quite satisfying. However, it turns out to be not always easy. Some days there is no good and there is no way to turn things around. Better to take a walk or take care of something else, at least you can take advantage of the fact that maybe it’s a nice day out. That’s to say that the songwriter and musician’s life is made of highs and lows, especially during the period when new material is being produced. It is physiological.

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Night and day

When I was younger I was absolutely convinced that the moment in which I felt the inspirational muse flow inside me was at night. I regretted, in fact, that I could not always be in the studio in the smallest hours to tell my feelings to the attentive ears of my friends Piano and Guitar. I was so convinced of this that I thought I was completely incapable of being a creative during the rest of the day.

Creativity fist

A guitar or a piano is enough

Of course I was wrong. I understood as creativity is pampered and a good deal of skill manages to handle it. Beyond poetry, there is professionalism. The reality is that time doesn’t count, but our predisposition and mental lucidity, to be able to choose carefully our lyrics, our music, the right chords, the emphasis that highlights the key passage and all the rest. We must remain lucid, because creativity is something that shines and we must reflect it. Sometimes creativity is stimulated simply by boredom, but also by sadness, joy, by a simple chance meeting. If this is what can work, please come! If the result of our efforts is a well-made piece of music, which transmits emotions, some sacrifice is worth it. Just do not limit yourself to a stereotype or the belief that there is a day or a time just to do something. Musicians always.


Every time I make a sacrifice or maybe I am a river-in-flood-writer, I have nothing else in mind that I can give something to those who listen to me. If I’m lucky, I can make him feel what I feel. This is my engine. Maybe – if I’m lucky, again – we’ll experience the same feelings. That’s my job. That’s what I do.